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Man arrested for DUI after allegedly failing variety of tests

A Florida police officer said that he took notice of a truck that was approaching his cruiser. He said that the truck was driving at a speed over the posted speed limit. However, the truck driver was also dragging a tree behind his vehicle. The 21-year-old truck driver was pulled over after that. Now, the man faces a DUI charge.

The officer said that the man appeared to have slurred speech and glassy eyes. He also said that he could smell alcohol. The man supposedly submitted to field sobriety testing, which he allegedly failed. It was reported that he was unable to stand straight and would not walk a straight line. However, in some cases, individuals who are sober can't perform these tasks due to issues with balance.

Teen facing felony DUI after allegedly killing man in crash

Some of our readers here in Florida receive the delivery of their local newspaper every morning. Earlier this year, though, some people who were expecting their newspaper one morning in or around Tampa may not have received their paper on time due to a tragic accident. On Feb. 2, a man who delivered The Tampa Tribune was involved in an accident that supposedly was not his fault. Now, the other driver is facing a felony DUI charge.

According to authorities, a 17-year-old girl ran a red light. When she did this, she struck the vehicle of the 52-year-old newspaper delivery man. The man passed away approximately 90 minutes following the car accident, which occurred as he was exiting Interstate 4.

Woman allegedly crashes into The Rock's mom, now faces DUI charge

A recent crash in Florida involved the mother and cousin of Dwayne Johnson, who is also known as “The Rock." The alleged DUI crash occurred on Aug. 2 when a woman is said to have run two stoplights. The police say that she previously fled a recent traffic stop and was reportedly being chased by authorities.

The actor and former wrestler’s 65-year-old mother was hospitalized. The extent of her injuries was not released. Although the cousin was also hospitalized, the length of her stay and the extent of her injuries were not released either. As for the woman who supposedly put them in the hospital, she reportedly suffered injuries to her face and was transported to a local hospital.

After a DUI charge, a hardship license is only temporary

Many places in America rely more heavily on privately-owned vehicles than on public transportation. Because of this, perhaps one of the most frightening consequences of a DUI charge is the possibility of losing your license. Upon issuing a citation for DUI, a Florida officer will automatically take your driver’s license, and you will then have to rely upon the citation itself as a hardship license. However, that type of license is temporary and only lasts for 10 days, so to possibly avoid further suspension of your license, it is important to act quickly.

If you live in an area with little to no public transportation, your entire well-being — including traveling to and from work or even the grocery store — can be at risk. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) only grants a 10-day period during which you are able to request a hearing to review and ultimately challenge whether or not your license should have been suspended in the first place. At the close of this 10-day period, if you have not requested this type of review hearing, you will have forfeited your legal right to challenge the suspension.

What is a DUI field sobriety test and what should I expect?

Facing a possible DUI traffic stop can be intimidating. While pretty much everyone has heard about a DUI field sobriety test, few may actually know what this test entails. As law enforcement agencies across Florida are constantly on the lookout for impaired drivers, understanding the procedures and what is being looked for during this test can provide a bit of comfort during a somewhat frightening experience. Having a strong knowledge of the test can also help those suspected of DUI know that the officers followed proper protocol.

Field sobriety tests have been around for quite some time. They were developed in part by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in an effort for police officers to evaluate drivers who are believed to be impaired. A standardized field sobriety test typically consists of three separate parts that are performed in a specific order.

Florida man charged with DUI after allegedly causing fatal crash

It is not uncommon for Florida residents to have close calls while driving on the roads. While no one intends to get in a car accident, they frequently occur. This is also true when a person has allegedly been drinking. In a recent crash in Florida, one person was killed, several people were injured and one has been charged with DUI.

The 26-year-old man who was charged with DUI had a six-year-old boy in the vehicle with him. This means that aside from the DUI charge, he may eventually be charged with child endangerment. The boy is said to have suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Florida man facing a DUI charge after striking parked patrol car

A recent car accident in Florida claimed the lives of two women. One woman died at the scene and the other died at the hospital. During the investigation of this fatal car accident, a suspected drunk driver struck one of the police cars that was blocking traffic at the site of where the crash took place. He is now facing DUI charges.

Luckily, the cruiser was unoccupied when the man's 2000 Toyota Avalon struck the car. He allegedly drove through numerous cones to reach the police car, which he struck head-on. The vehicle did not hit anyone who was at the scene of the crash, which included police officers, firemen and tow truck drivers.

What are the penalties for a felony DUI in Florida?

Were you or someone you know just arrested on suspicion of drinking and driving in Florida? For those with at least two convictions in the past 10 years, a felony DUI charge will be applicable. This can have a number of significant consequences if the government is ultimately able to secure a felony conviction.

First, if the accused individual's blood alcohol level was below .15 percent, the fine may be anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. If a BAC was greater than that, the fines start at $4,000. This is also the starting penalty level if a driver was transporting a minor at the time of his or her arrest.

Any driver who has been convicted three times within a 10 year window would be sentenced to jail for a minimum stay of 30 days. If the third conviction falls outside of the decade, jail time would be maximized at one year.

Florida man charged with DUI and attempted bribery of officer

A Florida officer has arrested and charged a man with driving while intoxicated and later allegedly attempting to bribe a law enforcement officer in order to avoid the DUI charge. Police say they received a call relating to an allegedly drunk man who was belligerent to sales attendants at a filling station. He was later charged with DUI after a traffic stop.

The officer who received the earlier call reportedly spotted the described vehicle as it was leaving a parking area and entering heavy traffic headed south. The officer followed the man's vehicle as it approached a traffic signal. The driver then purportedly bounced over the concrete median with one of his tires and was said to be incapable of maintaining his lane of travel.

Reinstatement after driver's license suspension in Florida

There are many reasons to avoid facing a DUI. One of these reasons is to avoid having to deal with a driver’s license suspension. However, it is possible to reinstate one’s license after being convicted of a DUI in Florida, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. A suspended license can become quite a challenge for many people, therefore it is a good idea to know the options available.

If it is one’s first DUI offense, the punishment is less severe than multiple offenses. For a first offense, a person will have his or her driver’s license revoked from anywhere between 180 days to one year. However, it is possible for one to ask to be granted a hardship license.

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