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Man undergoes field sobriety tests, admits to driving drunk

Weekends are often the time of the week that Florida residents decide to have a drink or two. However, some who get behind the wheel after drinking feel sober enough to drive, but in reality, have blood alcohol content levels that could be above the legal limit. This may have been the case for a man has authorities say recently admitted his guilt in a bicycle accident after failing field sobriety tests.

On a recent Saturday night, a girl was struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle. The girl was a delivery worker for the sandwich shop, Jimmy John's, although it wasn't clear if she was on the clock at the time of the incident. The woman was wearing a helmet as she always does, but she still sustained injuries, according to the police report. Police described her injuries as "minor," fortunately.

NHL athlete Ryan Malone arrested and charged with DUI in Florida

It isn't uncommon to see headlines featuring top Florida athletes. Although it generally has to do with their performance in the game, it is sometimes associated with allegations related to certain behavior outside of the sport, such as drinking and driving. No matter the publicity surrounding such stories, pro athletes have as much of a right to a fair trial as anyone else, which is something Ryan Malone of the Tampa Bay Lightning may want to keep in mind as he faces charges of cocaine possession and DUI.

Reports indicate that Malone had struck a curb as he was making a left-hand turn. Because of this, he was pulled over for a traffic stop by Tampa police. This is when officers arrested him for allegedly driving under the influence and claim they later discovered more than one gram of cocaine in his pocket.

Florida man accused of DUI in custody

A man who police claim was drunk when he was found stopped at a traffic light has been taken into custody, according to local sources. Florida police responded to a call about a man allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle after being witnessed driving erratically. He is currently facing a DUI charge related to this case.

According to the police reports, the 36-year-old man's vehicle was seen striking a curb and weaving back onto the roadway early in the morning of March 31. Shortly thereafter, he was seen coming to a halt about 50 feet from a stop light and losing consciousness. Deputies arrived on the scene approximately 15 minutes later.

Florida woman charged with DUI after tragic wrong-way crash

Social media has become an active part of daily life for many Florida residents. Sharing information, moments and thoughts that were at once simple routines are now the spotlight through websites like Twitter, where one can post every thought knowing that someone will see it. With timestamps tracking every post shared, it is not surprising to see that information from these sites are finding their way into the courtroom and are being used to judge the character of individuals charged with DUI.

In a tragic drunk driving accident in Florida, two women were killed when the vehicle they were in was involved in a wrong-way crash. According to the accident report, the alleged drunk driver had entered the expressway traveling in the opposite direction of traffic when she crashed head-on into the other vehicle. All parties suffered critical injuries. The driver of the other car was critically injured and was transported to the hospital where she later succumbed to the injuries, and her passenger, and owner of the car, died upon impact.

Sleeping Florida man at red light charged with DUI

When a Florida resident plans to go drinking, it may be wise to find a designated driver. People often say that they are only going to have one or two drinks; however, sometimes a person has more than originally planned. For some, it may not take much alcohol to exceed the legal blood alcohol percentage of 0.08, and in no time a person could be charged with DUI. Whether a person who is accused of driving under the influence has actually done so or not, that individual has various rights under the law.

Deputies reported that they recently responded to a call received by 911 from a person claiming to have witnessed a driver drifting across the road before stopping at a red light. The supposed witness said that the car remained stationary through multiple changes of the light. Upon arrival, the deputies reported finding a male driver in the car, fast asleep, with a burrito in his hand. They claimed that the car's engine was running, and the driver's foot was on the brake.

Florida woman charged with DUI, other criminal offenses

Each day, arrests related to suspicions of drunk driving occur throughout the state of Florida and across the rest of the country. Police use a variety of methods to catch drunk drivers, including checkpoints. However, other times, they simply come across someone they believe has been drinking or receive a phone call reporting such an apparent incident. Regardless of how or where the arrest occurs, if a person is charged with DUI and convicted of that charge, it results in a life-changing experience.

Recently, a woman in Florida was arrested and booked on the assumption that she was intoxicated. Reportedly, the 54-year-old woman came stumbling out of an Ocala gas station and began walking toward a vehicle at the gas pumps. An officer says that the woman laughed at him when he asked if she was intoxicated.

Woman charged with DUI after crash sends 6 to hospital

In Florida, when one is drinking and driving, they can face severe criminal penalties if found guilty. Further, a conviction on a DUI charge can harm one's personal and professional life. After a recent car accident, one woman has been charged with DUI. Because of this, her future is unknown.

A three-vehicle car accident sent numerous people to a local hospital to receive medical treatment. Reportedly, a 53-year-old woman was driving at an excessive speed and was approaching an intersection. Authorities suspect that she did not reduce her speed and struck a vehicle from behind that had stopped at the intersection's stop sign.

Florida bicyclist arrested and charged with drinking and driving

Drunk driving accidents generally occur with two motor vehicles like cars or trucks. However, a recent accident in Florida consisted of a motor vehicle and a bicycle. Although some states limit drunk driving charges to those driving a motorized vehicle, the state of Florida is different. In Florida, a bicycle is considered no different from a motor vehicle when it comes to drinking and driving. If a person is drinking and driving a piece of equipment that requires driver operation, such as a bicycle, that person can be arrested and charged.

The bicyclist in this case allegedly failed to stop at a red light and ended up striking a vehicle. Upon being struck, the driver of the car got out of the vehicle to ensure that the bicyclist was not hurt and to find out what had just occurred. However, the bicyclist then supposedly left the scene. Authorities were able to apprehend him a short time later.

Woman arrested for DUI during Florida's Bike Week

Bike Week draws tourists to the south coast every year, since it is one of Florida's most popular events. Drawn to the excitement of the festival, hundreds of visitors line the sidewalks and stop at vendor tents and local businesses in the area. Police and security officials do their best to patrol during such occasions to assure the safety of pedestrians and drivers commuting to and from the area. Despite the efforts of event and safety officials to deter incidents, such as DUI, accidents can happen without warning.

As Bike Week was coming to a close near the end of the week, safety officials were directing traffic to allow pedestrians to cross the street more effectively. Three individuals coming out of a local saloon decided to cross the street just ahead of the designated crosswalk. Many bystanders witnessed the accident as a truck traveling toward the traffic stop crashed into the three pedestrians.

Florida woman charged with DUI following pedestrian collision

Drunk driving accidents occur frequently throughout the state of Florida. In some cases, a DUI arrest may be a result of a DUI checkpoint or due to the way a particular individual is driving their vehicle on the road. In other cases, a person being arrested and charged with DUI comes after a vehicle accident takes place, which is the case for one recent incident.

A group of three individuals was leaving the Iron Horse Saloon, which is a popular bar, during Bike Week in Florida when they were struck by a pickup truck. Eyewitnesses claim that the three individuals stepped right out in the path of the pickup truck. Supposedly, authorities had stopped the traffic so that a crowd of people could cross the street, but the three individuals did not want to walk with the crowd.

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